Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Onwards and Upwards or Over and Out????....

Lack of motivation, Loss of Interest, Loss of (fabric) Appetite, Lack of sleep are all signs of Depression and I my friends have Little Boubba depression.

For a while now I have been really thinking about LB and the direction in which I want to travel with leading into the future and if I was to be really honest with you right now I am seriously considering ending the journey.

Don't get me wrong I have Loved everything about Little Boubba. The little page that was created one August day over 2 years ago, that started with a few bibs and some kind words from complete strangers. A page that started with just me and that is now over 11,500 lovely people. Some that visit often, some that never visit anymore and those that would maybe visit one day given the chance. A page that allowed me to create gorgeous gifts and goodies for your little people all from my own home.. A name that went global and seen me with an overload of emails from all over the globe asking to franchise the LB product and to be stocked in boutiques in many corners of the world. And my Gosh did it make my heart sing.. I sewed day and night, night and day making customer orders and trying to keep up with depend. I have customers that have 1 LB piece and I have some with as many as 20-30 pieces and still buying more.

But lately those days and nights don't come around often enough. My once upon a time fabric addiction is all just sitting here screaming to be made into something gorgeous, the new patterns I purchased busting to make are yet to be printed and cut... my heart is just not singing anymore and I am not sure if it is the winter with it's cold gloomy days or if my life is too busy at the moment or if perhaps it is time to move on and find that something "that makes my heart sing" again.

I have met some wonderful ladies on this journey in both the handmade world and my page world. Ladies that email to say hi and those that send through pictures and snippets of their Life. I would never have met any of you had it not been for this page hence making the process so very hard. Whatever happens next I want to say thank-you for the Journey this far. For the ongoing Support and the input you have given to Little Boubba to make it what it is today and has been since day 1..

So please bare with me while I take some time to decide where my journey will take me next...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

To Organise or Get Organised??

Kids are Back at school and the house looks like a BOMB has hit it..Literally. There is just Stuff everywhere, it is like nothing has been put in it's correct place for over 6 weeks. But how can that be we have hardly been home?
So I ask myself do I organise or get Organised???
Do I organise my sewing room so I can actually find material to sew with or do I organise goodies to be sewn for market night...
Do I Clean out the fridge so I can see what is still edible or do I just rummage through and find the first edible thing..
Do I clean room by room top to bottom or do I just do the "have too" in every room for the time being and get to the rest later....
There is definitely pro's & con's for both right. I mean think of all the time I would get to do all the things I ♥ if I just organised instead of just organised...Dinner would be cooking, although couldn't guarantee it's gonna be good and I could be sewing, again not sure on the combo's that would be put together. And the kids could play in the places we are calling bedrooms but more resemble a Local play centre after everyone has gone home..
"But how long will organising be enough?" I ask myself. How long until everything is so out of control that I don't know where to start ? Sooner or later I need to clean out the fridge and stock it with edible healthy food again and clean the mess that has become my sewing table and clear off the Kitchen bench that has become the cutting table. I need to clean kids rooms so if there was an emergency in the middle of the night they could actually get out of their rooms safely.

So I guess it has been decided It is better to GET ORGANISED otherwise there is no way of being organised. I will clean room by room, Top to bottom so I know that everything is in it's place. I will clean out the fridge and then go food shopping so the meals are tasty again and I will be sewing with a free mind and a Clean sewing area.

Well it is amazing the difference even the smallest clean up makes. I have started to Mini-bolt my fabric..that my friends is a whole other Blog that will be coming soon. 20 yards down and about 350 yards to go, but Hey Rome wasn't built in a day. And look at that we have a kitchen bench, haven't seen that in a week or so.

I feel so much better already, imagine how I will feel when I can see my sewing machine and the kids bedroom floors. For now I have to run as Tanner has just vomited all over the floor.. at least it wasn't the kitchen bench right ; )

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So excited.

One of my New Years Resolutions (Yes one of many) was to support small business more this year. Not only to promote and tell family and friends but to actually purchase more from small business and less from the Big Chain stores... and tonight I have started. Tonight I was lucky enough to win a custom Spot with Cook you some Noodles for one of her ever so divine MTTD. I swear my heart missed a Beat when My name came up in the last 10 of 40 names to be choosen. You have to see Mariane's work to believe it, she seriously is one very talented lady... My dilemma now is which one to choose??? Do I get a gorgeous little Girl for my daughter or do I go for the Super cool little skater dude for my Little Guy, oh the decisions.
One thing forsure I am going to love this years spending if this is how it has started ; )......Follow me to see what other beauties I find along the way.
Please Visit Cook your Noodles Facebook Page for more Gorgeous photos and Ware.
thanks for allowing me to use the photos Lovely.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nobody Likes " I told you so"

I was going to write about welcoming the New Year and all the Plans and Resolutions I have set but I found a photo a couple of minutes ago that I just have to write a small post about..

Have you ever done something that others told you not too and then later realised that perhaps you should have listened!!!

I have those moments everytime I have to take 8 of these outside and wash them and leave them out to sunbake...Please don't adjust your monitor, you are seeing correct they are CHAIRS and yes they are outside on our back deck sunbaking.

About 4 years ago I went out to buy a new table and dining chairs and fell in ♥ with these white Leather chairs, came home bursting with excitement to tell hubby all about how gorgoeus and how practical because "we can just wipe them down" and how we just must have them. To say he was less than excited would be an understatement so he asked the next obvious question " Is there another Colour?". Well of course there was chocolate brown and black and latte but I wanted WHITE. To cut a long story short he thought he would be much more practical to buy a darker colour but left it to me....so down I went and Purchased the WHITE. Oh and didn't they look gorgeous when they arrived all Clean and glowing white set up with the big solid table. So STUNNING. Until the bologanise sauce and the tomato sauce and the kids and the visitors, need I go on. So every month or so I get out the bucket of warm soapy water and me and my MUST HAVE items go out to the decking and bond some more..Yes you guessed it, they don't really "just wipe clean". They need a full wash down with warm soapy water then a light scrub then wiped down and then left for the sun to bleach them a little more.

Lets just say ladies I couldn't bear the " I told you so" but maybe just maybe I should have bought a darker colour..but please don't tell Hubby ♥

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My First Ever Blog...

Okay so it isn't really my first ever Blog. I started one 12 months ago and used it once and now I can't even remember any of it's details making it impossible to Use : ).
I have one of those addictive type personalities which will give you all or nothing so this will either be a ALL blog or a nothing, I really will be trying for the all I promise...I am one of those people.. you know the one who is all Gun Hoe at the start, that research's and Looks and has an opinion and that start collecting something and I am on ebay 24/7 to get as many as possible or if I start buying the kids certain toys I buy up big so they have something for every birthday for the next 30 years.. I know not very healthy but that's who I am.
When I told my husband that I was going to start selling my Little Boubba items.. there was a definet silence in the room followed by "that's good" which really meant " here we go again, wonder how long this will last?" Well here we are 15 months later hubby and still going strong so I guess there are some things that are just meant to be!!!
I will sign off now because I have a stack of cutting to get too and a mountain of sewing sitting on the table... But I will be sure to come back soon, after all this is one of those NEW things that I have to collect as much as I can as soon as I can so don't be surprised if there is another post in a few minutes : )
MWAH to you All.